Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Februaru 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!

How are you all? This week has been good. A little bit slower than the past 3 or 4 weeks, but still good. Our investigator Taofeek is going to be baptized this Saturday. I'm not sure if i've mentioned him. My letters all blurr together, I don't remember who i've talked about or not. Everything about meeting and teaching Taofeek has been a miracle. He grew up in Nigeria and came here for graduate school a few years ago. His mother has been a member of the Church in Nigeria for about 15 years. Since she joined she has tried to encorage Taofeek to read the Book of mormon and come to church with her. He has just ignored her every time she starts talking about the church. he wasnt interested at all. So about 5 weeks ago Taofeek was looking online for a free bible because his was falling apart. He ended up on mormon.org, requested a bible. Well when you request any free item from the church, they give you the option of either having it mailed or having the missionaries drop it off. I guessTaofeek never requested us to come, but for some reason when the referral came in it said we were supposed to drop it off. So we stopped by and brought the bible. He wasn't exactly happy to see us, but we convinced him to meet with us. He's been coming to church ever since and reading the book of mormon. He knows its true and wants to be baptized! I am 500% sure that we had no part in this. at all. Theres no doubt that his mother has been praying for him to accept the restored gospel for the past 15 years, and her prayers have been heard. He hasn't told his mom he's getting baptized yet though. Haha. They talk a few times a week even though she lives in Nigeria. He didnt want her to have any influence on his decision. He wants it to be a suprise. I just wish I could be on the phone when he tells her! Our mission president interviewed Taofeek and it was so funny to hear Taofeek's perspective on everything. He told President that we were a huge pain in the neck. Ha! But he realizes that God's hand has been in it all and that everything worked out the way it did for a reason. Missionary work is just amazing. Day in and day out I get to witness miracles and see the plan god has for his children unfold.
I have 8 minutes left... I hate the time limit on public computers.
We had sister's specialized training this week. It was fun to get to finally meet all the sisters in the mission and to catch up with some I havent seen in a while. It was definitely way differnt than any other meeting i've been to. Everything is so Elder dominated normally, it was very odd to be with only sisters. But good. We talked a lot about goal setting now as missionaries and for the rest of our lives. There was also a couple of social workers who came in from lds family services and gave us a stress management presentation.
What else. Well we went on a hike today. We were supposed to go last week but it didnt end up working out. We went bowling last monday and it took up all our time. Anyway... it was probably the worst hike i've ever been on. Maryland has horrible trails. There're powerlines and garbage everywhere. Not very nature-like. We went with elders in a neighboring area and they kept us pretty enetertained though. Transfers are next week and I'm terrified! I dont want to leave! I'm pushing my time here and i'm pretty sure i'll be leaving! I love eldersburg and I love the columbia zone! I'm sure whereever I go I'll love it just as much though. hopefully.
Have a good week everyone!
Sister Walker

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