Tuesday, February 28, 2012

January 17, 2012

Hello Everyone!!!

I am on exchanges in Damascus, MD today. The computers at the library
have a time limit, so this might be short.
We had a really good week! Wayne was baptized on Sunday! I can't send
a picture because I dont have my camera, but next week. Anyway... I
didnt think I could ever be so happy for someone else as I was for
wayne. And he couldnt stop talking about how happy he was too! His
entire family showed up, some of them drove 4 hours to get here. There
was just an overwhelming support from everyone. I would say about half
the ward showed up for his baptism, as well as a ton of people from
the singles ward. It was a nice hand off from us to the members. I
don't think someone's conversion could go any smoother than wayne's
did. It was exactly a month to the day from when we met him to when he
was baptized. I'm not sure exactly what prepared him, but he was
definitely ready to hear the gospel when we met him. Sister park and I
got to go to a "why I believe" fireside with him that night, and he
loved it. It was the first one i'd ever been to, and it was really
awesome. We got to hear from her ---> http://mormon.org/me/3QV2/.
Probably the coolest woman ive met!
On kind of the totally opposite note, I had one of the most
devastating moments on my mission so far. I think I've mentioned Phil
before, maybe not. I've been teaching Phil since the first week I got
to maryland. He is Korean and when we found him he had absolutely no
belief in God or Jesus Christ. But over the past 4 1/2 months he's
developed a relationship with God and has absolutely no doubt that he
exists. He was going to be baptized this upcoming weekend, but told us
this past Thursday that he he's not sure he's ready. Why? Because he
doesn't want to give up drinking. That was his excuse, but i'm certain
its more than just that. We had a really powerful lesson with Phil on
Wednesday night with our mission president. We played the mormon
message by Elder Holland where he talks about Joseph Smith and the
Book of Mormon. I honestly think that Phil felt the spirit so strongly
in that lesson, knows that the book of mormon and the church is true,
but it scared him. If he accepts the fact that this is truly the
church of Jesus Christ, that would mean he would have to make a lot of
changes in his life, and he doesn't want to just yet. So the next
night he told us he "needed time". Which is fine. I'm willing to give
it to him because I know he'll ask us to come back again some day. But
it still broke my heart. I dont think i've ever cared about an
investigator like I care about phil. I just want him to be happy. I
did guilt him into coming to wayne's baptism though. haha. I really
don't think I guilted him actually, he felt guilty enough on his own.
He knows. And he'll be back.
But other than that, the week was pretty average. It's really
interesting being in Damascus today. It's VERY different from
Eldersburg. A lot more rural, not enough city for me. Transfers are
next week and I'm kind of nervous. I love Eldersburg, but I also know
that at some point I'm going to end up in west virginia, so I probably
shouldnt get too comfortable here. Apparently the members feed the
missionaries a lot of squirrel in west virginia. Not looking forward
to that.
Well I hope everyone is doing well. I definitely am! I cant imagine
being anywhere else right now than serving in the MBM. Love you all!
Have a good week!
Sister Walker

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