Tuesday, February 28, 2012

January 30, 2012


So i'm pretty sure I want to be a missionary for the rest of my life! I had an absolutely amazing week! Sister Park and I were able to reach the standards of excellence! The standards are basically goals for lessons, new investigators, people who attend church, etc. Its definitely a stretch to get them, especially in this mission. There might be 3 areas a week that reach them. Anyway... It was a ton of work, but really rewarding. We have been blessed to be able to find a lot of people to teach. We have 11 people we are actively working with right now, none of which are from this country, by the way. I might as well have been sent to Africa. We're teaching 8 africans, a guy from Grenada, and a couple from Trinidad. We also have another baptism coming up on february 12th. His name is Augustine Nyeswah. He's from Liberia, but moved to this country about 15 years ago. His kids are still back in Liberia and he's been trying to find a way to get them here. It's pretty sad. But he is amazing and has a ton of faith that everything in his life will work out if he puts God first. He was introduced to the Book of Mormon a long time ago, and knows its the word of God. He met with missionaries in the past but never got to the point of being baptized. I think he's going to follow through this time though.
Our investigator Phil who I mentioned a few weeks ago, he asked us to start meeting with him again. Haha. I knew he would ask us to come back. I didnt expect it quite so soon. He's starting to realize that he misses what we brought into his life. Or really what the restored gospel brought into his life. He wanted time to explore other churches, but hasnt found anything that feels quite the same.
Friday night we had a fun little adventure. At about 2:30 am our neighbor comes pounding on our door. He told us someone hit our car as well as two other peoples cars. Apparently this drunk guy came speeding through our parking lot, hit our car as well as the car to the right, backed up and hit our car again and the car to left. He tried to drive off but his car stalled at the top of the hill. So our neighbor who's car got hit saw the whole thing and ran after him. This guy was so drunk he didnt even realize he hit us and didnt understand why our neighbor wanted to call the cops. So... We got to stand outside from 2:30-4:30 am waiting for everything to get figured out. The baltimore county police arent very bright though. They didnt even take him to jail! By the time they did a breathalizer it was 2 hours after the cars had been hit, so they said he wasnt drunk enough for them to arrest him. So now we are without a car for a few weeks until it can be fixed. Luckily our recent convert wayne works at an auto body shop, so were taking it to him so it can get fixed quicker. Funny how that worked out!
I dont think I ever want to leave randallstown. It's too much fun here. If I ever get sent to west virginia I'm probably going to be bored out of mind. I really do love every aspect of this work and being here. I love being able to teach people and help them build their faith, but I also love the not so fun stuff like standing out in the freezing cold for two hours in the middle of the night. I love it all and the time is going by too fast!
I hope you all are well! Have a good week everyone!!

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