Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marcvh 5, 2012

Hello Everyone!!

Taofeek was baptized on Saturday, confirmed on sunday! It was a good week! he still hasn't told his mom.... Brother Okereke, he baptized Taofeek, is going to Nigeria in a couple of weeks and will be going to the same ward as Taofeek's mom. So he will be telling her in person that he baptized her son. Pretty cool! Taofeek is happy, i'm happy for him. He's had a bit of a rough past and really needed the atonement in his life. He couldn't stop saying how clean he felt! I just can't get over how everything worked out with Taofeek. There are no coincidences, thats for sure.
We've found a few families this week, which was really exciting. I havent taught a single family so far. Unfortunately, I wont get to teach any of them. Transfer calls came today and I'll be leaving Eldersburg wednesday morning. I'm kind of bummed to be leaving. I love it here, I love the ward, I love the people. But i'm sure I will love my new area just as much! I just cant believe I'm already going into my second area. Sisters usually only have about 3 areas their whole mission, 4 tops. Time is flying. This past transfer has been a total blurr to me, I have no idea where it went!
What else...hmm. Well a member from the ward told us to go visit her neighbor. She's 90 some years old. She's not too interested in changing religions, although she is very curious in the things we believe and she has a lot of respect for the church because she has met a lot of very kind lds people over the years. But she has the most amazing house! It's about 250 years old and a maryland historical landmark. I wish I had taken pictures. It's huge! 7 staircases, 4 floors. A lot of the original woodwork is still there. Probably one of the coolest things ive seen in MD so far.
Everything else is going very well I suppose. I really do love being a missionary. It's scary to think what life would be like if I had passed up this opportunity. It truly is the best decision i've ever made!
I'm sending some pictures today....
1. Taofeek's baptism! Taofeek is the taller one, bro okereke is standing next to me.
2. Hike with elders fife and good last week.
3. Sister's specialized training. This is sister Lieber's lineage... sister richardson and sister montes were all trained by her too.
4. Bowling with the zone!
5. This is Ron we visit him every sunday in a nursing home along with a lady named marcia who is a member. He's been in a wheelchair since he was 21 and has the best stories!
6. Broom Hockey! We just played this morning. This was by far the FUNNIEST zone activity i've ever had. It's brutal. I think just about everyone left with a few battle wounds and a broken broom.
Love you all!
have a good week!
Sister Walker

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