Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hello Everyone!! Wow! This has been a monumental week in my misson! We had incredible training tuesday and wednesday. definitely the best we've ever had. We learned a lot about what we can do to build the faith of our investigators. And even better was our meeting with Elder Bednar on saturday. My way of thinking as a missionary has been totally changed. The meeting was a big Q&A, he didnt have a talk or any material prepared. In the way the discussion went, he taught us the importance of being agents, not objects, in learning. We learn best as we take an active role in learning, not as someone stands at the front of a room and spouts of information. That makes us objects. This applies to us and to our investigators. Anyway... it was an awesome conference. Elder Bednar is an apostle of the Lord, I know it without a doubt. We had a pretty good week despite the fact that we were away from our area for three days. Our investigator anna is so cool! She has been through so much in her life, I can't get over how far she's come. And she's gaining a testimony and doesnt even realize it! She thinks it makes complete sense that the church has prophets and apostles now. It did when jesus christ was on the earth, why wouldnt it now? And she thinks the bom makes sense as well. She gets the idea that more than one civilization would have writings. We've seen a lot of miracles with less active families this week as well. yesterday we decided to go check on this guy named mark willard. He lives at the very bottom of kent islnad. I mean the VERY bottom, his street is practically on top of the bay. So as we come up to the door this girl comes out and asks us " Did someone tell you to come here?". At first I thought she said it in a "what are you doing here?" type of way, but I later learned that wasnt the case at all. Jack comes out and invites us in. As we start talking we learn that this girl, Liz, is jack's fiance. Jack has been less active for years, but all of his children are active, all of them served missions. Liz is completely active as well, has been through the temple an everything. They met through a freind and are getting married in june. So liz has been working with jack for a while now. She told him she would marry him if he prayed with her every night, read the scriptures with her, came to church, and took the missionary lessons. He's been doing the first three of those, but hasnt taken any lessons from the misionaries because he doesnt want to take them from Elders. And so... thats when we showed up! No one has EVER been down to see jack. Not a single missionary in the history of kent island. So somehow, when everything seems to be coming together in his life, we just happen to wander down the island to visit him. Coincidence? No way. Liz couldnt believe we showed up. She said it was a huge answer to her prayers. Jack is a bit stubborn but he's softening up. I want to see these two sealed in the temple :) God's hand is in everything, right down to the tiniest details of our lives. I know it! I see it day after day after day. I love my mission. I love you all! Talk to you on Sunday! Sister Walker

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