Thursday, May 31, 2012

April 23, 2012

Hello!! Well this is going to be a short email. Sorry! My new companion is Sister Riggs!!! She's from Pasedena CA. She's been out about 5 months and is great! super hard working and very focused. Unfortunately she got food poisoning this week and we were in for two days, but even so this has been by far the most productive week I've had in kent island. Long story short, the missionaries here in the past ( including my previous companion) weren't very good at keeping mission rules and had lost the trust of the members. So sister riggs and I are here to clean up their mess. And the Lord has blessed us incredibly this week. Like I said, more has happened here in one week than the previous six weeks combined... It's amazing what happens when a companionship is unified and obedient. the miracles start coming!! Since I dont have much time to write I'm encluding an email from my mission president and part my email to him this week. Kind of explains whats been going on here in kent island. Sister Walker, Thanks for sharing your feelings! Yes, we know when we are doing all the Lord expects of us. I appreciate all of your efforts! You are getting that much closer to miracles. The Branch had lost a lot of trust with the missionaries in the past few months. I received some negative feedback. You, and now Sister Riggs, will be able to change the perceptions. There are many reasons why the Lord sent you to Kent Island. He will bless you with many great experiences and miracles. You are a great missionary! Sure do love you! Have a great week! President Belliston Hello President! Thank you for the email! You are absolutely right, I think we are that much closer to miracles! Wow! Its been a totally different feel since sister riggs got here. For the first time since i've been in kent island I felt like we had a week where we actually accomplished something! I love sister richards, and I have respect for her for coming on a mission when she could have gotten married, but I have to be honest, her focus wasnt entirely on missionary work. And I am not by any means putting blame on her for whats happened here, we were a companionship and it was a result of the both of us. But there was definitely a lack of unity and the work suffered because of it. We have met some great people in the past few days and have quite a few appointments set up for this upcoming week. Sister Riggs and I went knocking on thursday morning and the very first door we knocked on we met carrie. She has a very sick 5 year old boy and is looking for a way to find peace in her life. She told us she couldnt meet with us then because she was busy taking care of her son, but we set up a return apointment. A couple days later we called her back to confirm and she told us that half an hour after we left her house she wished she hadnt turned us away and went out looking for us! How cool is that?! We have an appointment with her on tuesday and I am SO excited to talk with her. She's prepared :) Our branch mission leader kind of stepped things up this week too. He's a photographer for the bay times and knows a lot of people in the community. He invited us to come to a "post easter egg hunt" and introduced us to quite a few people! He even gathered everyone up and offered a prayer before the hunt and then told them if they wanted to learn more about jesus christ they should come talk us. We met so many people! It was great! I'm amazed at the things that have happened here in just the last few days. The branch leaders seem much more supportive, and even members who havent fed the missionaries in months have invited us over. Heavenly Father is blessing us so so SO much. Miracles are pouring out in every direction! I have been so overwhelmed with gratitiude this past week. It makes the all the struggles worth it. I'm excited to be a missionary again! Thank you so much for all of your love and support president! It means a lot! Love Sister Walker Oh Also!! We got this in our email fron the mission president too: "We have been invited to attend a meeting along with the DC North and South missions with Elder Bednar and other General Authorities on Saturday, May 5. This will be an experience you will never forget! Our mission was blessed to be invited." ^^^^ Im SO excited for this!!! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!! The gospel is true!!!! Love Sister Walker

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