Thursday, May 31, 2012

April 16, 2012 Transfer week

Hello Everyone!!!!! It's transfer week again!!! I cannot believe it! this has been the fastest six weeks of my mission. We already got call outs.... Sister Richards is leaving. It doesnt feel right for some reason. I was with my other two companions for 2 transfers each so I feel like our time together has been cut short. But for some reason this is how it's suppossed to be, so i'll have to get over it.... Well we had an ok week. I say ok because we worked really hard, but nothing resulted from it. Were still struggling to find people to teach. I feel like everyone here knows who we are and so they run the opposite direction when they see us. This week we got to work city thats never been touched by missionaries before. Chestertown. We had way more success there then we have anywhere else. People would actually come to their door! The only problem is its 80 miles roundtrip to go up there and we only have 1400 miles a month, so we cant afford to drive up there more than once a week. Well i'm really not to sure what to write... i'm bummed because sister richards is leaving and also because the work is at a low point. I dont have much of anything good to share. Even though things arent going so well here, I have to say I think ive learned more this past transfer then I have in any of the others. Ive come to a greater understanding of my purpose as missionary. It's easy to get discouraged in this work when you're putting your effort forward and nothing is happening. But i've come to understand that success as a missionary is not about the number of lessons you teach or people you talk to or how many baptisms you have. At the end of each day I know that the Lord is pleased with the things I did. I worked my hardest, and thats all he asks for. God will bless us however and whenever he wants, and sometimes he withholds blessings to teach us something. Sometimes a bad week or bad transfer is a blessing. I'm not here to please a companion or district leader or a zone leader or even the mission president. As long as the Lord is pleased, thats all that matters. He is the only one who knows if I tried my best to fulfill my purpose. Well I will let you all know who my new companion is next week! I love you all! Take care and have a good week!! Sister Walker

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