Monday, October 31, 2011

October 24, 2011 E-mail

Well... eveything that could go wrong did go wrong this week. That's probably an exaggeration. But... really. Tuesday, our heater broke in our apt, so we've been freezing at night this week. Wednesday and Thursday Sister Lieber and I were sick, so we had to stay in for most of the day. Thursday we found mice in our apartment. And to top it off... yesterday the back winshield of our car got demolished by a tree! (or so we think. Some people reeally don't like mormons around here) Yep, it's been a rough week. But we're doing alright. We've been able to laugh most of it off. Especially our window being totally blasted away. I guess I should probably explain about that a little better. So we were at dinner at a members house last night. And when we came out, the first thing we noticed was that there was a huge stick lying behind our car that we didn't think was there before. And then we noticed the back window was totally shattered and laying in the backseat of the car. At first I thought someone had smashed it. But if they were trying to do damage to our car they probably would have done more than that. So what we think happened was a branch broke off of the tree we were parked under and hit the window. So now we have a cardboard box and some garbage bags over it until it can be fixed tomorrow. Our car fits right in with the other ones around here now! So anyway... I meant to take a picture of it and accidently started a video, so I'll send that.
Well really nothing else too exciting happened here. Our teaching pool is pretty small right now. We do have one guy who wants to be baptized on Nov 6th! his name is Leo. He's had a lot of deaths in his family in the last couple of years and knows he needs to turn to God to help him.
We do a lot of service for less active members here. I don't know if i've mentioned that before. We've been helping sister kelly a lot lately. She's a deaf woman who is about to have a baby. We've been helping her set up her nursery which has been a lot of fun... probably my favorite service we've done so far.
Everything else is going really well... I never know what to write in these letters. The days are long and for the most part spent trying to find people to teach. I love when we do get to teach someone, which isn't very often. It's that hour or so that we teach that really makes the whole day. That and spending time with the members here. I absolutely love our ward. It is seriously the oddest mixture of people, but they are so awesome. Getting to sit down with them in their homes and just hearing their stories is the best. I feel like i've met more people in the past 8 weeks than I have in my whole life combined.
I'm learning so much out here and I love it. I can see the changes that have happened in me in just the few short weeks I've been here. It's really incredible. I've gained such an appreciation for the book of mormon lately too. I don't know how anyone could read it and not feel that it's the word of God. There are tons and tons of churches out here, (the Nigerians all like to start their own religions. it's a booming business!) and it's all because everyone wants to interpret the bible differently. With the Book of Mormon along side the Bible, theres no room for different interpretations. We have the gospel in it's fullness because of the book of mormon. I'm just realizing more and more what a blessing it is to have additional scripture. We would be so lost without it!
So that was my week... hopefully one of these days my emails will be longer than a couple paragraphs!
Have a good week everyone!

Oh... the pictures I've attatched...
The video is of our car, obviously
Theres a picture from a creepy graveyard we walked through that had graves from the 1700's
Theres a couple pictures of me sister lieber and sister hirt at rita's. It's this ice cream place that's famous across the mission. Sister Hirt was a temple square missionary who we had as a companion for 5 days my first week here... I don't think I mentioned her ever.
Then theres some pictures from the MTC... Me and sister bishop and shackleford and some of my MTC district.

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