Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011

Hello hello. Sorry I didn't email yesterday, the library was closed for columbus day. It was a pretty decent week. we decided to drop most of our investigators because they weren't keeping their appointments. So we're starting over! We've had a hard time finding new investigators. We've started teaching this kid Devin. Sister Lieber taught him a few moths ago, but dropped him because he wasn't progressing.He called the mission office on tuesday last week and asked if we could come by. It was a really odd situation, but we went anyway So Devin is 15 years old, grew up baptist but converted to catholocism about a year ago. He's got a ton of questions about how we interpret scripture compared to how the catholics interpret scripture. We try not to answer them, firstly because thats not our job to resolve all of his questions and secondly because he asks the most bizarre doctrinal questions that we really don't know much about. His issue is that he doesn't understand revelation. At all. He's trying to prove through logic and historical accuracy which church is the right one. I don't know if he believes fully that the catholic church is true, which is why I think he wanted to talk to us. He's crazy. Haha. So yeah, our goal is just to try to get him to understand that he can receive an answer for himself, he's not going to get it through studying history.We're going to ask him today to baptized on the 30th of this month, so we will see how that goes!
We have found a couple new people this week who I think might be promising. We were outside a couple weeks ago talking to.people when we met this guy Clinton. His car had started smoking and so he pulled off the road into our apartment complex, and we just happened to be there. We ended up getting his phone number, but when we looked at it later, we thought for sure it was fake. 333-7722. Haha. So we kind of shrugged it off, didn't call him for about a week. Eventually we just decided to try it in the rare chance that it was real. I was totally floored when he answered the phone. So we're supposed to see him tomorrow, He seems genuinely interested, which is all I can ask for.
We met another lady named Kim the other day.We were out knocking a street pretty late, about 8:30 or so. No one was answering their doors, or they would just stare at us through their window and tell us they weren't interested. We were just about to leave when when saw a woman come out her house. So we went over to talk to her and she let us in! She's so awesome. She pretty much just sat us down and told us everything she believed. And it's exactly what we believe! She's looking for truth. She believes in the apostacy, she just didn't use that word obviously. That was definitely a huge eye opener for me to meet her. Here sister lieber and were knocking this street thinking that there was absolutely no one who was going to listen to us, and God dumps Kim in our laps. Litterally just hands us this woman who is totally ready to hear the gospel. He was definitely showing us how much faith we lacked. But yeah, Kim is great. we don't have a return appointment with her yet, but i'm sure we'll see her again.
Well I think that's about all I've got for this week. We're hoping this upcoming week will bring lots of new people who are ready for the gospel. Take care everyone


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