Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 19, 2011 Weekly Letter

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a good week. My new companion is Sister Park. She's from salt lake city, the oldest of three girls, she always wanted to serve a mission. I dont know too much about her yet, but shes a good missionary. She works hard. We are probably polar opposites as far as personalities go. President Belliston always tells us to pray for a hard companion though! I'm sure theres a lot I will learn from her.
Well one thing she does thats difinitely defferent is that she puts our number on the back of cards. All of them! For anyone who hasnt recently or ever served a mission, cards are the pass along cards we hand out to pretty much every person we talk to. We probably hand out anywhere from 10 to 30 a day. So she puts our number on the back of ALL of them, and were getting phone calls all the time from guys trying to ask us out. To Sister Park, this is totally normal, but its been really really weird and awkward to have to explain we're missionaries, etc, etc.
Anyway... but we've seen some good come from it. One guy called us and actually agreed to meet with us, came to church yesterday, and we are going to meet with him again tonight! So I guess its not all bad.
We got to go to the Washington DC temple on saturday. Just the visitors center though. We went with a part member family in the ward, the Casey's. Brother Casey was less active until about a year ago. They have one daughter, Arden, and from what I understand she started asking questions about God and he decided he should probably start going back to church. They are such a great family. Sister Casey is really really friendly with us and the church so i'm hoping we will be able to work on her. But anyway, the DC temple is gorgeous this time of year. They put up over 500,000 christmas lights on the grounds and have nativity sets from all over the world.
Well, I dont have too much else to say. The Lord is blessing us with miracles every day. Sister Park and I were asked to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday, on missionary work of course. It was good to be able to reflect on what missionary work has meant to me, and particularly how it has blessed my family. I'm loving being a missionary, particularly at this time of year. Theres no better way to celebrate the birth of our savior than to go out every day and tell people about it!
Merry Christmas!
Sister Walker

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